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The Process
Needs Analysis
Source Selection
Project Planning and Review
Formal Proposal
Ongoing Support

The manufacturing process begins with the review of all schedule requirements, the preparation of all necessary tooling drawings and inspection protocols. Once these are reviewed and approved tool construction is begun. Tooling is completed, inspected, revised if needed, and approved. Samples are then run from this tooling and supplied to XYZ Company for Acceptance of First Article. Once approvals have been received for all components, including packaging if needed, a production schedule is implemented. During the production process, all Quality Control procedures submitted to and approved by XYZ Company are in place. Incoming materials inspection, in process inspections and final inspections are all done in accordance to these Quality Procedures and records are maintained. Final production samples are supplied to XYZ Company for acceptance. These Final Production Samples will reflect what will arrive when the first production lot is delivered to XYZ.

Once this approval is received, full production is undertaken for first shipment.