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The Process
Needs Analysis
Source Selection
Project Planning and Review
Formal Proposal
Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support
Once, the first shipment has arrived, The Global Connection does not desert our clients. We will continue to supply needed support for ongoing orders, quality problems, if any, product revisions and any other support that is needed. We are looking for long-term relationships with our clients. We hope that a successful outsourcing project will lead to many additional ones.

This has been a rather long description of the outsourcing process from beginning to end. Now, not all projects are alike and additional steps may be required for some programs. Some projects may require fewer steps. It was our intent here to give the individual a general idea of how the process works. If some of your questions have been answered, then we accomplished our task. If you still have additional questions, please use the Contact Us tab on the Home Page to get in touch with us. We will try to answer your questions as quickly as possible and, of course, there is no obligation on your part.