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The Process
Needs Analysis
Source Selection
Project Planning and Review
Formal Proposal
Ongoing Support

Source Selection
Once the Needs Analysis is completed, The Global Connection can start the process of locating an acceptable source or sources to fabricate tooling, components, and/or finished products. We research potential suppliers, contact them either by phone, fax, or email to discuss this project. If the supplier is one TGC has used in the past and we are fully familiar with them, the process can be speeded up some.

If a new potential supplier looks promising, a personal visit may be necessary. We look at their facilities, equipment, personnel, Quality systems, housekeeping, and current and past products made. It is especially important at this stage to fully vet the Quality Programs in place. We look at credentials such as International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification. We review current and past inspection criteria and procedures to make sure they are up to the job.

Those companies that prove promising are supplied drawings, samples, specifications, volume requirements, etc. to review and prepare quotations. At this stage, questions come up which may require additional assistance from the staff of XYZ Company. Once all questions have been answered, all potential sources are reviewed by TGC to determine the best overall candidate for this project.