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lawn sprinklerIrrigation Controller
The same irrigation equipment manufacturer was building a consumer line of water sprinkler controllers in their own facilities in the United States. They were having difficulty in remaining competitive and retaining margins. TGC was asked to see if we could locate a source to manufacture this complete unit at a lower cost. After a significant search, a manufacturer was located in Hong Kong that had the capability to build this low-end sprinkler controller to high-end specifications and at a very competitive price. We arranged for parts to be sent to Hong Kong for assembly.

In short order the Chinese facility sent us back finished products for testing. With a few minor changes here and there, the entire line was relocated from the U.S. to China with a landed savings of approximately 30%.

Two years later the irrigation equipment company was so pleased with this effort that they asked for the Chinese factory to design a new line of controllers. They were given specifications and some artist renderings as to cosmetics.

This new line of controllers was designed, tested, revised, retested, packaging made, and pilot run made in less then a year. In the U.S. this same process would have taken 2 years. This line of controllers is still in manufacture today. Estimated landed cost savings over U.S. manufacture was 35%.