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Plastic Storage Box
An educational product supplier had become involved with outsourcing the wrong way and created a problem. They had been buying a particular plastic storage box from a competitor. To no surprise, their shipments were late and quality was less than it could be. This company decided to make it themselves but found that to do this domestically was not cost effective. So they looked for a foreign source. They found a “trading company” that was set up to generate business for one factory in Taiwan. This trading company sold them a plastics injection mold of poor quality and started production of product in Taiwan. Because the tooling was of inferior quality and would not run properly or fast enough, the trading company soon found that they could not continue to manufacture and sell these plastic boxes at the price originally quoted. This trading company talked the company into paying for a second mold, which also turned out to be of poor quality. When the second tool would not run good parts, the trading company just threw in the towel and refused to run the parts any longer.

This educational product supplier asked TGC if we could help. We immediately moved the second mold from Taiwan to Hong Kong into an excellent toolmaker we had worked with before. This toolmaker managed to rework the second mold to a point that the mold would run acceptable, if not excellent, parts. Since this was a low cost item, shipping was a significant part of the final cost. Therefore, we moved the reworked tool to a facility in Mexico to run temporarily until we could have a new production mold made at a quality mold maker in the U.S. When the mold was completed, we moved it to Mexico to replace the inferior mold. The final quality of the product was excellent and much better than the one that this company had been buying from their competition. Their cost was about 40% less. Their volumes increased over 200% within 6 months.