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circuit boardPrinted Circuit Board
A major irrigation equipment manufacturer was buying a very specific and complicated multi-layer printed circuit board from a domestic supplier. Their cost was high and their quality was marginal. Lead-times were 16 weeks. They asked TGC if we could help. TGC took samples and drawings and send them to a factory in Malaysia that had supplied boards for another project we worked on. They quoted on the boards and supplied samples within 4 weeks. There were some minor problems with the boards because we were not given some very specific details about prior manufacturing difficulties with these boards.

After the follow up information was supplied, new samples were obtained and they were excellent. A pilot order was given and these were assembled into control devices and tested extensively against the domestic boards. The Malaysian boards out performed the domestic boards by a large margin.

Production orders were let and production lead-times were cut from 16 weeks to 5 weeks with a cost savings of 55%. Since circuit boards are compact, we were able to arrange shipping them via air thereby drastically reducing the lead-time. The customer got a better product, faster and at a lower cost. They were happy.